Basic English 2nd Quarter
Yukon-Koyukuk School District Basic English Instructor
My Quia activities and quizzes
BasEng, 05-01 "What Is an Action Verb?"
BasEng, 05-02 "Verbs Express Tense"
BasEng, 05-03 "Regular and Irregular Verbs"
BasEng, 05-04 "Progressive Verb Phrases"
BasEng, 05-05 "Subject-Verb Agreement"
BasEng, 05-06 "The Verb To Do"
BasEng, 05-07 "Other Helping Verbs"
BasEng, 05-08 WTFI "Newspapers"
BasEng, 05-09 WP "Using Vivid Verbs"
BasEng, 05-10 TEST "Using Action Verbs in Sentences"
BasEng, 06-01 "What is a State-of-Being Verb?"
BasEng, 06-02 "Action or State of Being?"
BasEng, 06-03 "Using State-of-Being Verbs"
BasEng, 06-04 WTFI "Atlas"
BasEng, 06-05 WP "State-of-Being Verbs"
BasEng, 06-06 TEST "Using State-of-Being Verbs in Sentences"
BasEng, 07-01 "What Is an Adverb?"
BasEng, 07-02 "Adverbs of Degree"
BasEng, 07-03 "Adverbs of Negation"
BasEng, 07-04 "Recognizing Adverbs"
BasEng, 07-05 "Using Adverbs to Make Comparisons"
BasEng, 07-06 "Adjective or Adverb?"
BasEng, 07-07 WTFI "Telephone Book"
BasEng, 07-08 WP "Using Adverbs"
BasEng, 07-09 TEST "Using Adverbs in Sentences"
BasEng, 08-01 "Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases"
BasEng, 08-02 "The Object of a Preposition"
BasEng, 08-03 "Adjective Phrases"
BasEng, 08-04 "Adverb Phrases"
BasEng, 08-05 WTFI "Index"
BasEng, 08-06 WP "Writing Directions"
BasEng, 08-07 TEST "Using Prepositional Phrases"
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