Basic English 3rd Quarter
Yukon-Koyukuk School District Basic English Instructor
My Quia activities and quizzes
BasEng, 09-01 "What is a Coordinating Conjunction?"
BasEng, 09-02 "Subordinating Conjunctions"
BasEng, 09-03 "Correlative Conjunctions"
BasEng, 09-04 "Using Interjections"
BasEng, 09-05 WTFI "Almanac"
BasEng, 09-06 WP "Using Conjunctions to Combine Ideas"
BasEng, 09-07 TEST "Using Conjunctions and Interjections"
BasEng, 10-01 "What Are Pattern 1 Sentences?"
BasEng, 10-02 "Pattern 2 Sentences (Direct Objects)"
BasEng, 10-03 "Pattern 3 Sentences (Indirect Objects)"
BasEng, 10-04 "Pattern 4 Sentences (Object Complements)"
BasEng, 10-05 "Pattern 5 Sentences (Predicate Nouns)"
BasEng, 10-06 "Pattern 6 Sentences (Predicate Adjectives)"
BasEng, 10-07 WTFI "Encyclopedia"
BasEng, 10-08 WP "Writing a Review"
BasEng, 10-09 TEST "Recognizing Sentence Patterns"
BasEng, 11-01 "What Are Verbals and Verbal Phrases?"
BasEng, 11-02 "Infinitives and Infinitive Phrases"
BasEng, 11-03 "Gerunds and Gerund Phrases"
BasEng, 11-04 "Participles and Participle Phrases"
BASEng, 11-05 WTFI "Table of Contents"
BasEng, 11-06 WP "Writing E-Mail"
BasEng, 11-07 TEST "Identifying Verbals and Verbal Phrases"
BasEng, 12-01 "What Are Phrases and Clauses?"
BasEng, 12-02 "Compound Sentences"
BasEng, 12-03 "Dependent Clauses"
BasEng, 12-04 "Complex Sentences"
BasEng, 12-05 WP "Using a Variety of Sentences"
BasEng, 12-06 WTFI "Biographical Reference Book"
BasEng, 12-07 TEST "Writing Compound and Complex Sentences"
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