Basic English 4th Quarter
Yukon-Koyukuk School District Basic English Instructor
My Quia activities and quizzes
BasEng, 13-01 "What Is a Run-on Sentence?"
BasEng, 13-02 "Sentence Fragments"
BasEng, 13-03 "Editing Your Writing"
BasEng, 13-04 WTFI"Software for Checking Spelling"
BasEng, 13-05 WP "Revising and Proofreading"
BasEng, 13-06 TEST "Repairing Sentence Problems"
BasEng, 14-01 "Topics, Topic Sentences, and Titles"
BasEng, 14-02 "Developing the Main Idea"
BasEng, 14-03 "Summaries and Conclusions"
BasEng, 14-04 "Types of Paragraphs"
BasEng, 14-05 "Telling a Story"
BasEng, 14-06 "Writing Dialogue"
BasEng, 14-07 WTFI "Where to Find It"
BasEng, 14-08 WP "Tell a Story Using Dialogue"
BasEng, 14-09 TEST "Understanding Paragraph Basics"
BasEng, 15-01 "Better Topic Sentences"
BasEng, 15-02 "Sentence Variety"
BasEng, 15-03 "Transitions"
BasEng, 15-04 "Active and Passive Verbs"
BasEng, 15-05 "Creating Images with Writing"
BasEng, 15-06 WTFI "Periodicals"
BasEng, 15-07 WP "Paying Attention to Details"
BasEng, 15-08 TEST "Writing Better Paragraphs"
BasEng, 16-01 "Choosing a Topic"
BasEng, 16-02 "Finding Information"
BasEng, 16-03 "Organizing and Outlining"
BasEng, 16-04 "Writing a Report"
BasEng, 16-05 WTFI "Search the Internet"
BasEng, 16-06 WP "Preparing a Bibliography"
BasEng, 16-07 TEST "Preparing to Write a Report"
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