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Battle of the Alamo
Nebraska State Standards:
12.3.3Students will analyze and explain events and ideas of the Revolutionary Period.  ex- key battles, military turning points, and key strategic decisions.
12.3.8Students will summarize causes and effects of the Industrial Revolution.  Identifying Factors such as government policies and political changes.
12.3.15Students will explain relationships between geography and historical development of United States by using maps, pictures, and computer data bases.
12.3.18Students will develop discussion, debate, and persuasive writing skills, focusing on enduring issues and demonstrating how divergent view points have been address and reconsiled.  ex- tension between parties

Nebraska City High School Social Studies Performance Objectives:(The Learner Will Statements).
TLWunderstand chronological development of U.S.
TLWunderstand the impact of war/conflict on American History
TLWunderstand/appreciate contributions of various groups to American History
1.Establish events leading to the Battle of the Alamo.
2.Arrange and describe the series of conflicts between Sam
Houston's Texan army and Santa Anna's forces.
3.Explain how Texas defeated Mexico and became an independent republic.
4.Become familiar with the following people and their achievements:  Davy Crocket, Colonel William Travis, John Quincy Adams, Sam Houston, Santa Anna.
5.List events from the Battle of the Alamo.

Day 1Review Chapter 10  Begin notes over chapter 11
      Sections 1-2-3.
Day 2Complete word scramble.
Day 3Notes over Chapter 11 Sections 4-5.
Day 4Video.
Day 5Discuss Famous People.Complete a narrative portrayal of a famous person.
Day 6Work Time and Present Narrative.
Day 7Review notes and Take a quiz.  Begin Construction of the Battle of the Alamo.
Day 8Work Time
Day 9Work Time
Day 10Display and present Projects
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Ch 11 Battle of the Alamo
unscramble word about chapter 11
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