Deutsch 2
Wilmot High School
Here are some activities to help you study for your next test. You may do as many activities as you would like.  Make sure you play only the activities I selected for you
My Quia activities and quizzes
die Schöne und das Biest
Die Schöne und das Biest matching
Let's practice time!
Wiederholung Test 1
Let's Practice Dates!!
Wiederholung Test 1
German 1 Verbs
Wiederholung Test 2
Wiederholung Test 2
Time Verb Person Rest
Wiederholung Test 2
Conjugating sein/haben, est ten ten, modal verbs
Wiederholung Test 2
kapitel 8: Modal Verb Übung
Wiederholung Test 2
Past Tense Practice
Wiederholung Test 3
command forms practice
Wiederholung Test 3
Fill in the sentences with the correct articles
Wiederholung Test 4
'at' prepostitions (cats/bugs)
Wiederholung Test 4
Kapitel 2 - Das Essen
Kapitel 2 - Das Essen - Genders
Kapitel 2 - Das Essen
fruit and veg
Kapitel 3 - Stores
Das Essen
Food and Drinks in German
2 way prepositions
TO/AT sentences
Do with types of stores
Kapitel 5: Medien - Past Tense practice
movies & description matching
Kapitel 5
Movies, books & description
Kapitel 5
Kapitel 5
Wetter - nouns, verbs, adjectives
Das Wetter - vocab practice
Kapitel 6 - sentences for the test.
Populäre Adjektive
Köperteile Articles
Köperteile Vocab
Kapitel 8: Krankheit und Verletzung
Kapitel 9: Krankheit und Verletzung - reflexive/pronoun practice
Do you know the job!!!
Kapitel 10: Los Geht's!!
Kapitel 10: Los Gehts! Fragen
Kapitel 11: Münich
Practice Past and Future Tense Sentences...
Kapitel 11: Überall Touristen in München Fragen
Kapitel 12: Feiertage
Kapitel 12: Feste und Feiertage
Kapitel 12 Fragen
Kapitel 13 - Geschenke
Kapitel 13 - Geschenke
Outside words
Outside words
Do you know your genders (die,der,das) for outside words?
Can you label sentences?
Adjectives you need to know for the test
Kapitel 15: Adjektiv Endungen
Adjective endings and Outside words
Prepositions - Which case are they?
Prepositions - what do they mean?
Kapitel 16 Präpositionen
Flucht aus Alcatraz Wortschatz
Der Pirat Schwarzbart Wortschatz
Schwarzbart character matching
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