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Bear Branch Elementary Vicki Di Agostino
Welcome to the Fitness Factory!

January news in Physical Education.
Students in grades Fourth and Fifth grade will be finishing up their Fitness testing.
Our mile test is scheduled for late Febuary(weather permitting).

We will be changing our  schedule for grades First and Second which will provide our children with more Physical Education/Spanish time for the week.
Spanish and PE will split the 50 minutes.

Dont' forget the Winter Olympics are scheduled for the month of Febuary.
A great web site is www.uenorg/2002/
Pencil in April 26,2002 for Super Kids Day on your calendar.
It should be a day of Fun for all! Hope to see you there.

For proper participation and safety concerns please have your child wear the proper shoes.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me.
We look foward to a great year with your child.

A Mind is a terrible thing to waste, so is the other 90% of
a child's body!
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