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Well, we survived TAAS Writing. Keep reading and working  at home to get ready for TAAS Reading and Math in April. In reading we are practicing for TAAS. We have been working on fractions and decimals in math.We are going to begin to work on time and measurement. Check over your worksheets and correct any mistakes. We have finished  our study of rocks and minerals and have started studying Texas during the Civil War,cowboys,cattle drives, and the Texas Rangers. We are having our cultural arts day on April 27. If you would like to help, please contact me or Mrs. Saklou. It should be fun.
Dates to remember---  
April 6- Super Kids' Day (8:30-11:00)
April 13 and 16- holidays
April 24-25- TAAS
April 26- Wildlife of Wheels
April 27- Cultural Arts day (12:00-3:00)
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