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             Newsletter #15.   Week 4, Term 4. 
Dear Students/Parents,
So that we can gain some detailed information to compare Australia to our nearest international neighbours, each student is to prepare a study of one South East Asian Country. This will be done through a detailed itinerary of a 2 - 4 week family trip to the country. Your "holiday" should take you to places of interest, places that are important to the country, and festivals or events which may be happening at the time. You should research food you may encounter, customs you should observe/be aware of (eg wearing shoes in temples)
You may focus on a region of that country (eg Bali) to present some of the cultural information but the general information should apply to the nation. Your visit is not to be to a resort - you must get out among the people to find out what life is like and how it compares to your life as an Australian.
This is your final project for the year and will be marked to indicate your progress in technology and other areas we have studied this year.
Your project should be in several sections: (items marked /6 are extension mainly for Year 6)

Part A. Location and Travel (20)
1. Prepare a profile of the country and its people including: population, languages, religions, leaders, money (and exchange rate A$), health, education, life expectancy, etc). This introduction should include maps, flag, country symbols, etc.
2. How are you going to get there, what will it cost?
3./6 How are you going to get around the country - are there trains, public transport, hire car/scooter/bike, do you need a guide? Is it safe?  – check the DFAT advice at www.smartraveller.gov.au
4./6 Prepare an itinerary and estimate of the budget you may require for your family's visit.

Part B. Important places (20)
1. What places are of cultural importance to the nation - memorials, buildings, temples, etc. Why are they important?
2./6 What are the unique natural features of the country; mountains, valleys, waterfalls, walks, lookouts etc. Are there tours or excursions you will take to get to see the country?

Part C. Events (20)
1. What religious events are happening during the month of your visit; what do local do to observe the event?
2. What is happening now in your country – latest news?
3./6 What local/national events take place during the month of your visit; what do local do to observe the events?
4./6 Are there daily and weekly events which are observed eg. do they pray 3 times a day?

Part D. People (20)
1. See if you can find any information on "local living" eg. what clothes, food, jobs, income, school, etc a local family might have.
2./6 Give a detailed explanation of one aspect of family life eg. school, when some one marries or dies, a special time of the year eg Christmas.

Presentation: as we have discussed, your completed project may be documented and presented in several forms and even through a combination of materials eg travel brochure, travel booklet, Powerpoint show (complete with music), cardboard wall display, etc. You should do your research first then decide on the best way to present the information. Your preparation, research and presentation comprise the final 20%.
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