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Welcome to the home page for the Grade Six class at Bearspaw Christian School.  

There will be no spelling for the week of May 29, 2000 as we are preparing for Provincial Achievement Tests.
Verses: Romans 12:1,2, and 9-21 together (Due on June 2)

Please keep in mind the Achievement Tests that are during the week of June 12:

June 13, 2000  - Social Studies
June 14, 2000  - Math, Part B (problem solving and all topics covered in the Grade Six curriculum)
June 15, 2000  - English Language Arts, Part B (reading comprehension)
June 16, 2000  - Science 

Have a great week. 

May, 2000

Dear Parents:

It's close to Achievement Test time again. I thought the focus of this month's letter should be to keep you informed about these tests. We are working hard in class to be sure that we are ready.  There may be some extra work sent home to make sure that the students are adequately prepared. 

In Language Arts, we will be working on developing stories from writing prompts (pictures with  brief descriptions) and writing business letters. The students have been given some specific ideas for improving their sentence variety and style, and enhancing their vocabulary (these are two of the five marking categories on the test).

There will also be an opportunity to do practice tests in class for the other subject areas.  Students will be given some review homework in Math.  The math test (Part A) includes a component called Timed Number Facts.  It involves using multiplication, division, subtraction or addition when given a question in number form.

The tests will be included as 20% of the third term mark in Social Studies, Science, and Math.  The tests in Language Arts will be treated as    ignments.

The Achievement Tests are not something to be stressed out about. In fact, the more relaxed students are, the more accurately the tests will measure the students' true    ential. Some review studying will be necessary, but common sense, practice tests, a cool head, and consistent classroom work are the most important factors in achieving success on these tests. The tests measure accumulated learning and skills in Language Arts.  The Social Studies, Math and Science tests focus on the Grade Six program of studies, but also measure accumulated skills.

The dates of the tests are as follows:

May 25, 2000  - English Language Arts,  Part A (story writing and business letter writing)
May 24, 2000  - Math, Part A (Timed Facts, Computation, and place value)
June 13, 2000  - Social Studies
June 14, 2000  - Math, Part B
June 15, 2000  - English Language Arts, Part B (reading)
June 16, 2000  - Science 
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.


Don Stephenson
Grade 6 Teacher
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