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Please, make sure you have your class books with you so you can best profit from the exercises/games/quizzes posted here.
You will also find some basic exercises so as to challenge your memory...!
Hope you have some fun as well...

(Comments and suggestions are most welcome so feel free to e-mail me)
My Quia activities and quizzes
Finishing Touches - vol. A - unit 2
vocabulary review : anxiety & phobias
Finishing Touches - vol. A - unit 2.
subject- verb agreement review
Computers...MALE OR FEMALE ????? ( part one)
just for fun
Computers... MALE OR FEMALE ???? ( part 2 )
just for fun
Finishing Touches - vol. A - unit 2.: session unit 2- agreement 1
Irregular Verbs ( B4 )
challenge your memory!
Adjective Clauses.
Gerund , Infinitive or...????
review - unit 6
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