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Mrs. Valda Reed - 7th grade English S. Teacher & Teacher
Welcome to Bear Poetry!   We hope you enjoy reading the poetry of our students on Bear Hall!  We have recently finished a Puzzled by Poetry? unit and our students have become excellent poets.  Please feel free to return often and check on new postings!
Ms. Turner

Diamond Poem by  Nikki Toth

      Graceful, beautiful
Standing, sleeping, watching
Orange, green, enery, food
Growing, sprouting, annoying
            Ugly, dull

Limerick by James Howell

There once was a boy named James
He likes to go to Ames
He bought him some wood
Building boats, he could
the boy named James from Ames

Limerick by Turner King

There once was a man who ate
He ate to much he was late
He'd look like a roll
With the chips in a bowl
The man who ate till he was late

Free Verse by Hunter Dorton

Soccer is famous worldwide
I watch it inside
I've been to a game
It started to rain
It was loud
And there was a crowd
I love soccer games!
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