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Bear Tavern Elementary School, Fifth Grade Fall 1999 Student Teacher
Welcome to Miss Glass' 5th Grade Web Page!

    We have been learning about the Age of Exploration in Social Studies this year.  On this web page, you will be able to try games and practice quizzes that will help you remember all of the interesting explorers and other information we have been studying.


There are three types of games to click on below under "Quia! activities":

1.  Explorers: Follow the directions to practice matching each explorer to the correct accomplishment.  Choose from a flashcards, matching, concentration (memory), or word search activity.

2.  Vocabulary: Follow the directions to practice your vocabulary words and definitions.  Choose from a matching or word search activity.

3.  Review Questions: Follow the directions to answer review questions for Chapter 4 and 5.

After you click on the activity below and then choose the game you would like to play, please wait for it to finish loading. These activities will help you study for our QUIZ on Tuesday, November 23 and our EXPLORERS TEST on Friday, December 3!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Click on this internet address to play an explorers review game.
Click on this internet address to play a review game for the Chapter 4 and 5 Vocabulary.
Review Questions
Click on this internet address to play a review quiz game on the Age of Exploration.
Useful links
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