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My Quia activities and quizzes
Cover Letter by Mr. Padraig A. CARTY
Business collocations by Padraig A. CARTY
Email Formal Vs. Informal
Collocations Business Organisations
Business Organisations collocations
Email Formal Vs Informal B
Basic Business Vocabulary - Hangman. by Padraig A. CARTY
Basic business vocabulary
Formal / informal verbs
Types of Business Organisations adapted by Padraig A. CARTY.
Business organisations
Formal/Informal letter writing.
BEC vocabulary
Business letters; common mistakes. Padraig A. CARTY.
Essential vocabulary for B.E.C.
Helen Gallagher.
Informal to formal columns
Karen Lamb Letter to make changes
Letter of apology (Ms. Jerome) Padraig A. CARTY
Letter of Apology (Ms. Seabourne) Padraig A. CARTY. N.B. Read the instructions below before you start.
Letter of Credit. (Padraig A. CARTY)
Letter of Enquiry
Letter to change invitation card 'Contour Styles' : Padraig A. CARTY.
Letter to confirm changes to an agreement
Linking words, by Mr. Padraig A. CARTY
Linking Words Pop Up
Little Bonnington letter of enquiry.
Email-writing quiz
Revision of Market Leader Intermediate
Market Leader Intermediate Vocabulary
Environment collocations
Market Leader Collocations
Market Leader Intermediate Unit 7 - A
Market Leader Intermediate Unit 7 - B
Prepositions in Business
Professional Language Exercise
Borrow vs Lend
Linking terms. by Padraig A. CARTY
Advantages and Disadvantages of Teamwork.
Manipulating statistics
Natural English (Padraig A. CARTY)
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