becky Becky Edmonds
I Go To : Jackson Creek Middle School
Hi, Everyone out there!!!

Here are somethings I like to do:
Girl Scouts
Messing around on the internet
Playing cards
Playing other games

Um, so hi.  I am 12 and I am in 7th grade.

For Girl Scouts:  Next Upcoming meeting is March 26.  Thanks to all who did the flag ceremony and participated in the photo shoot!!! Everyone did a great job!

For "Reading": Everyine needs to have 1984 done by March 20, with all 32 questions answered.

Everyone can come to Gamers' Club meetings on Fridays from 2:45 to 4:30.  We play games, anything people want.  

On Sunday March 19, everyone is invited to come on a relaxed Nice-n-Easy Bike ride, starting at the Bryan Park Pool Parking lot at 1:30.  Aproximate distance is 20 miles.  

Bye!!! I'll try to keep this updated with all of the stuffs I can.
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