TLC BEC Vantage 1 & 2, ABB Oerlikon
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You have come to the right page. Here I have created additional exercises online to give you more practice in your free time with grammar and vocabulary.
Enjoy them and do give me some feedback.

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My Quia activities and quizzes
Passengers fume in chaos of Terminal 5
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BEC Vantage - present perfect vs past simple
I wish...
BEC Vantage unit 2 Essay questions
BEC Vantage - Comparatives and Superlatives
Tech EN - Magic coal from the steam cooker (Max Planck Institute)
Ansaldo Energia wins contract in Chile worth 75 million Euro, 21 May 2008
The Electric Car lives (BW June 16, 2008)
The $200 Oil Bomb (Newsweek June 9, 2008)
The race for natural resources in Africa (Newsweek June 9, 2008)
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