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My Quia activities and quizzes
Parts of the Body (Rosetta Stone 18-04)
Health Problems Quiz (CASAS format/phrasing)
Buildings (Rosetta Stone 18-05)
Clothing (Rosetta Stone 18-06)
Describing People
Plural Nouns
Question Words
Adverbs of Frequency
A box, a bottle, a can...
There is / There are
Job Skills
Doesn't OR Don't
Simple Present Tense
Simple Present Tense Sentences
Simple Present Tense Questions
Simple Present Tense: Negatives
Present Progressive Quiz
Present or Past?
Present or Past? (2)
Present or Past? (3)
Possessive Pronouns
Foods: Type the missing letter
Food Words
Thanksgiving Foods
Doing the Laundry
Reading Clothing Labels
Mailing Addresses
Reading Prices
Money Words
Miguel's Day
Working Words in Present Progressive Tense
Clock Time Matching
Clock Time Matching II
Write the Clock Time
Days and Months Abbreviations
Months and Numbers Matching
Dates in Writing and Numbers
Level 2 Home Unit Vocabulary
CAPITAL & small Letters Matching
CAPITAL & small Phonics Words Matching
CAPITAL & small Phonics Words (Long Vowels) Matching
CAPITAL & small Sight Words Matching
Personal Information Matching
Personal Information Matching II
Low Literacy CASAS Reading Practice
Places in Our Community
Can and Can't: Which sentence is correct?
Things in my home.
Kitchen Items
Transportation Fill-in
Daily Activities
Useful links
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