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Welcome to Mr. Beh's Classroom Webpage!
  I look forward to an exciting 4th quarter at Park View High School.  We've been busy with activities that include; sequencing and play writing.  The next quarter in going to focus on comparing/contrasting, persuasive writing, and the creation of cover letters and resumes.
  For any students interested, answer the following questions and receive a reward from Mr. Beh.  Please respond by e-mailing me as seen at the top of this page.

The questions are as follows:(from Romeo and Juliet)
1.  The Prince of Verona was?
2.  The Prince's clever cousin and Romeo's good friend was?
3.  Romeo's sensible cousin was?

  On the Sophomre Class front, I would like to thank all of the students who took the time to sell Easter candy for the class.  The Sophomore Class will be raffleing Oriole/Yankee tickets, selling candy bars, and washing cars as their spring fundraisers.  Your support is greatly appreciated!

 Anyone who would like to add any information to this site should let me know.  Have a great spring!

Mr. Beh
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