bemsmath Mrs. Smith
Bamberg-Erhardt Middle School Sixth and Seventh Grade Math Teacher
Happy Holidays!  I hope everyone has a great time.  When we come back in 2000,6th graders will be working on fractions. 7th graders will be solving two-step equations and working with the coordinate plane. 
  I was reading the "Smithsonian" magazine this week,and I came across an article in the December issue called, "Taking the Measure of Time."  Jonathan Betts, Greenwich
Observatory's curator of horology, explained why the year 2000 is not the beginning of the millennium. He explained it like this:  "Say I owe you twenty dollars and pay you back a dollar ar a time.  You don't consider the debt settled until I've given you the last penny of the twentieth dollar.  by the same token, we won't have completed the millennium until December 31, 2000."  Mr. Betts said he would be celebrating ahead of schedule with everyone else!  I plan to celebrate the beginning of the year 2000 with family and friends as well.  My thoughts will also be with each of my students.
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Decimal Concepts
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