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Benton MIddle School 8th Grade Guidance Counselor
   Benton Middle School Guidance Department

     I am Mrs. Robin Grotheer, 8th Grade Counselor and I'd like to introduce you to the whole Benton Guidance Team:  Mrs. Brenda Collier is our Guidance Director & 6th Grade Counselor, Mr. Michael Brown is the 7th Grade Counselor and last but not least Mr. George West is our Guidance Secretary.
     We are here to assist you in many ways and you can reach us at the above e-mail and phone number. We work with the Benton Administration and staff in planning ways to help all students succeed. We support academic learning by offering study skills groups, weekly encouragement and after-school tutoring.  We assist with Parent Teacher Conferences as well as Child Studies and coordinate the county and state testing program within our school.  We work with various departments teaching Career Education and handle daily crisis as they arise.  We look into absenteeism, failing grades and offer assistance whenever needed.
     As the 8th grade counselor, I have the exciting job of introducing your rising 9th graders to the county High School Course Catalog in February, discussing the various course offerings as well Graduation Requirements.  I've already spoken with all 8th graders about the Specialty Schools Programs that are offered at our county high schools as well as the TJHS Thomas Jefferson School for SCience & Technology application process. All rising ninth grade families should have received a brochure listing times and dates for evening Specialty School Presentations along with a letter from Dr. Kelly. This week all 8th grade students took home a flyer also listing Program Opportunity dates.
Please e-mail or call me if you have any questions about any of the above. Thank You!
**As many people are suffering as a result of recent terrorist attacks on America, the Girls and Boys Town National Hotline can provide free counseling and reassurance twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Their professional counselors help callers cope with their feelings of anger, stress or grief.

Coming Soon: Tips on coping with a Teen-Ager!
Mrs. R. Grotheer     
Benton Middle School Guidance:)
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