Berkeley Middle School German Teacher
The purpose of this separate quia program is to provide students with tests and quizes on which they may practice and improve their German and test taking ability, and to take actual tests and quizzes as assigned by their instructor.  These tests and quizes are oriented on the text "Komm mit!"

German teachers world wide are welcome to utilize this, or any other site I have authored. Unfortunately the tests and quizes which are accessable only through prior student regestration are not usable by other teachers.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Mini Quiz, Kapital 1
Kapitel 1 verb "sein" (to be)
Kapitel 1 words and sentences
Kapitel 1 Brandenburg quiz
Kapitel 1 Classroom
Kapitel 1-1&2 Spelling Test
Kapitel 1Test Expressions and greetings
Kapitel 1Test Verbs
Alles Gute 2 Mini quiz
Mini Quiz, Kapital 2
Mini Quiz, Kapital 2: session quiz, kapital 2
Kapitel 2 other verbs
Kapitel 2
Kapitel 2 Test Adjectives and other terms
Kapitel 2 Test Nouns
Kapitel 2 Test Verb
Kapitel 3 Test Adjectives
Kapitel 3 Test Nouns House
Kapitel 3 Test Nouns family
Kapitel 3 Test Useful Phrases
Kapitel 3 Test Verbs
Kapitel 4 Verb haben
Kapitel 4 Test Adjectives and other Terms
Kapitel 4 Test Mix Match
Kapitel 4 Test Nouns
Kapitel 4 Test Verb Usage
Mini Quiz, Kapital 5
Mini Quiz, Kapital 5: session quiz, kapital 5
Kapitel 5 Test Nouns
Kapitel 5 Test Adjectives and other terms
Kapitel 5 Test on Verbs
Kapitel 6 Verb wollen
Kapitel 6 Test Noun Usage
Kapitel 7-1 vocabulary
Kapitel 7-2 Vocabulary
Kapitel 7 Test das Wetter
Kapitel 7 Verben
Kapital 7 Was muss du zu Hause tun?
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