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This site will be updated on a daily basis. Any student who is absent is responsible for checking this site and being prepared for the next class meeting.

Welcome to the spring semester at TCC.  Print this website and turn it in to me by Fri., Jan.18

Wed. 1-23 Students turned in assignment on bias and we discussed what they found in the articles. We discussed pages 3-13 in CIEQ. Assignment is to read pps. 16-23 and answer q.2 p. 18 and q. 1 p. 24.

Fri. 1-25 We discussed terms from chapter 2 and the assigned essay. Assignment: Read "On Racist Speech" p.46-40 and answer q. 1 and 2. There will be a quiz over the information on the worksheet and class discussion of chapters 1 and 2 on Mon.

Mon. 1-28 We discussed assignments not covered in Friday's class. A handout over chapter 3 of CIEQ was given. Assignment: read pages 59-74 in CIEQ. Assignment A Lesson in Bias was returned.

Wed. 1-30 We discussed portions of chapter 3, quizzes were returned. Assignment: read Patrick Henry's speech and analyze for examples of logos, ethos, and pathos.

2-4 Mon We met in the library where students found a speech which they are analyze for persuasive/rhetorical techniques. This written analysis will be due Fri. 2-8. I will answer questions on Wed, if there are any. Students handed in the questions over "Just Take Away Their Guns"

Wed. 2-6 Discussed the rest of chapter 3. There will be a quiz over chap. 3 on Mon. 2-11. Returned questions over "Just Take..." Discussed questions over format to speech analysis which is due Fri. 2-8, read Brady's "I Want a Wife" Assignment is to answer questions 4,5 over this essay.
Fri. 2-8 We discussed Brady's essay and the first 5 pages of chap. 4. Assignment was to read pps 137-147 in CIEQ-There will be a quiz over chap. 3 Mon.

Mon 2-11 Took a quiz over chapter 3-Discussed pages 137-147, Assignment: Read/annotate "Bring Back Flogging" and "It Takes Two". Be able to discuss the thesis, purpose, methods, and persona of each of these

Wed 2-13 Chap. 3 quizzes were returned as well as the analyses of the speech. We discussed in groups both assigned essays. We discussed together "It Takes TwO" and will discuss "Bring Back Flogging" on Fri.Assignment: Read/annotate Taylor's essay "School Prayer" p. 159 and Pack's "Living Is the Mystery" p. 163. We will meet in the library on Mon and Wed. of next week to research a topic for your first essay.

Mon. 2-18 We met in the library to research. We will meet there again on Wed. A handout was given over this essay. This is the last week I will be using this website. I have a new address which I will give in class. Be sure to get it.
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