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Now the first thing we will cover will be what Betajoujou is. Well Betajoujou used to be a company named Bomb inc.; but that name was boring and had no meaning to us(not to mention , it was even illegal).In this company there are only 3 people. These  people are me (Nameless Guy),Gau, and Colonel Molo. Gau and Colonel Molo are on Macs and use a program called GameMaker.I'm on a PC and don't hve a gamemaker yet; I'm trying to learn visual basic but I haven't made anything good yet so there won't be any PC progrms up 'till I make something semigood.

Please bookmark this page and come back soon. I will be trying to update is every day!

Well see ya !!!!!!

HEY PLEASE TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT THIS SITE!!! THANK YOU!!!!feal free to E-Mail me if you have any questions or coments.mail me

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