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Hello Seminar Students!!

This page is for you to find information about the class and the activities implemented each week. I have sent you an email about the new exchange phase of this class.  The next thing I would like you to do is to take a look at some of these intercultural communication web pages below in the "Useful Links" section.

I found these pages to help you find additional information that may help you with your discussions. Do take a look at these pages as we will soon have an task to complete related to the content of these pages.

You will find in these selections a variety of topics and links to many other areas of intercultural communication. There are also a couple of page links with work from scholars of Japanese descent who are experts on the subject of intercultural communication.

I also have a keen interest in intercultural communication and I look forward to more in-depth conversations with you about the topics that are interesting to you.
New Homework!!
1) I would like you all (B7 and B8 students) to post a message to the Intercultural Communication Discussion Board. It is the Stephweb page listed below. You can write about your opinions of Christmas in Japan. Do this task by Thursday, December 21.

2) Now that you have found an academic book or article about a topic of interest to you, bring your summary of it it to class next this week to discuss the main points and your reaction to the information and the results of the research. This will be used to start a message on a web discussion board (the same message board used for the Kim message).

3) Bring your completed survey questions to class (B7/Wed-20 & B8/Thurs-21)for just a little practice.

4) Watch one of the three movies that were previewed in class and then respond to it by writing to your email partner (again CC to me)the same way you would in a reading report.

5) Continue interviewing at least one person for each topic

I hope you find this page useful. I have included more of the pages that students have provided from class in the usaeful links section. Check them out when you have time. Have a great weekend.


p.s. Thanks again for doing great work!!
Useful links
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