bgeo Ms. Michelle Hernandez

Today you will be making triangles and classifying them as obtuse, acute, and right triangles from the costellations of your zodiac sign using the interactive star making map.


1)Click on constellations(alphabetical)
2)Choose your zodiac sign
3)Click on interactive star charts
4)Isolate your zodiac sign of stars by adjusting the field of view to about 15.
5)Print your sign.
6)Connect each dot on your sign to every other dot on your sign that will form a triangle.
7)Measure the sides of each angle and record the angle measurements of each triangle.
8)Label each triangle as obtuse, acute,right, scalene, isosceles, or equilateral.
9)State if you have any congruent triangles.

10) Give a brief history ( on same web page) as to the orgins of your zodiac sign.
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