Introduction to Philosophy - 7th, Fall 2021
Southwest Christian High School
My Quia activities and quizzes
Bertrand Russell - "The Value of Philosophy" Reading Assessment
Bertrand Russell - "The Value of Philosophy" Reflection
Christianity and Culture Reading Assessment
Christianity and Culture Reflection
Voltaire's Bargain
Plato's "Apology" - Reading Assessment
Plato's "Apology" - Reflection
Church Fathers - Updated
Secular Sources and Plausibility Structure
Hume - Limitations of Metaphysical Speculation Reading Assessment
Philosophy Quiz 1, Fall 2021
Hidden Worldviews Ch. 6 - Scientific Naturalism Reading Assessment
Miracles as Liability and Asset
Philosophy Exam 1 Study Test, Fall 2021
A Universe from Nothing - Lawrence Krauss
Philosophy Exam 1, Fall 2021
Reason for God Ch.6: Has Science Disproved Christianity? - Reading Assessment
Cosmogeny: History
Hidden Worldviews - The New Age Movement Reading Assessment
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