Bernards High School Chemistry Instructor
Honors chemistry is a first year chemistry program that prepares students for advanced science study.  Honors chemistry students meet six periods per week.  Honors chemistry students need a calculator for class.  A graphing calculator is a real asset.

Assignments, class topics, and copies of handouts may be obtained from EdLine by current honors chemistry students.

FUTURE HONORS CHEMISTRY students will get a head start on September by trying to match the names of the elements and their symbols.  Other useful skills that could be developed over the summer are learning the names and charges of polyatomic ions, and trying to learn the solubility rules.

See Mrs. Whitlock for "head start" materials, or look up information on the web.  I look forward to meeting you next year.

*** If any of the links listed below are no longer functional, please e-mail me so I can up-date the list.  Thank you. ***

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