bhsfrenchone Mr. Kent
BROOK HILL SCHOOL French Instructor
The last day to take Test 11 will be May 18 or 19, depending
on which is your last meeting of the week. Since we're squeezing the test in, I've decided to drop one of the tests this trimester (as well as one daily grade).

Test 11 will have 30 questions--the two tic tac toe exercises from the computer program. Be sure to study them well.

The final exam may not be dropped. Unless I am told otherwise, it will have the same value as the chapter tests.

The last day to take the vocabulary quiz over Word List 11 is May 17.

I have four exam review activities for you--the rest to come later (hopefully).
My Quia activities and quizzes
String 'EM UP
POP-UP Questions
Chapter 9
Exercise 1 over the passé composé
Exercise 2 over the passé composé
Exercise 3 over the passé composé
Quiz over The Big Three
Exercise 1 over répondre, attendre, mettre, choisir
The Big Three
Chapter 11 Word List
Chapter 11 Verbs
Review A (Fren. I)
Review B (Fren. I)
Review C (Fren. I)
Review D (Fren. I)
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