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Spanish I – Midterm Review

Multiple Choice Exam Listening Comp, Vocab, Grammar


All Chapters Intro, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6        

Review in your textbook.
Review on Quia
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Intro Vocab: p.11
Ordering food & manners
Days & Dates
Classroom items

Chapter #
1.  Descriptions p37

2. Classes & More Descriptions p63
    Telling Time p.52-53

3. Getting to School & Class Objects p.87

4. Things to do after school or at a party p.113

5. The City and Suburbs, Meals & Relaxation p.151

6. Your Family, Outside the house, Birthdays p.177


Chapter #
1. THE/A (el, la, los, las un, una, unos, unas) p22
      Agreement of Adjectives 
      La casa BONITA.  El perro BONITO.  P.24
   The infinitive SER.  I am , You are…. p.25

2. Forming plurals of nouns with S and ES  p48
   More conjugations of SER p50
   Using SER to tell time and ask the time. P.52

3. Conjugations of AR verbs.  O , AS, A p73  (plurals on p98)
   Tú and Ud. both  mean You….When to use each p.76

4. Conjugations of AR verbs. O, AS, A, AMOS, AN  p98
   Conjugation of IR (to go) p100
   Conjugation of DAR (to give, or throw a party, show a  
         program/movie) p100
   Conjugation of ESTAR (to be located, or to be feeling) 
   Remember   a + el = al,  de + el = del  p102

5.   Conjugations of verbs that end in ER or IR
            O, ES, E, EMOS(IMOS), EN p136
     Words that end in –tad, -dad, and most that end in
         ión  are feminine -> la words,  la libertad,      
         La conversación,  La probabilidad p140
     How to say   There is a_____; There are 4 ______; How
           many are there? Using HAY.  P141

6.  Conjugations of TENER p161
    Using TENER QUE to mean Must p163
    Using  IR A to mean what WILL happen p163
    Possesive Adjectives  Mi libro, Mis libros, Tu libro,
          Tus libros, Su libro, Sus libros
          Nuestro libro, Nuestros libros, Su libro, Sus
          libros p165
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