Power Point Presentation - The Big Question

Mary Shelley, Jack London, and Mark Twain are all famous authors. If it were assigned, students could create one hundred card slide shows or more on any of these characters. However, your project will be short and to the point. You will be assigned one of these authors, then you are allowed to choose what type of presentation you want to create - but you many only use three cards to do so.  Please read the instructions your teacher has given you as to requirements for each card. You may use the links below in order to research and find images.

Card One - Title Card must have:

Author's Name

Your Name

Teacher's Name

Title of Your Project


Card Two - Short biography of the author's life

Card Three - Choose one of the questions given with each author and answer it. Take a stand and stick to it. ONE POSITION ONLY!!!!



Links to Biographies:

Links about Frankenstein: There are many different opinions of what Frankenstein means. Read these websites and then create a card giving your opinion. Choose one position only.

Use these sites for images:



Links to Biographies: After reading these biographies, what kind of man do you really think Jack London was? Explain your position.

Links to Images:

MARK TWAIN (Samuel Clemens)


Use this site to explain how Samuel Clemens turned himself into the person or character  of Mark Twain. 

OR.... Use this site and choose 5 quotations (witticisms by Mark Twain) and explain what each means.

Links to Images:




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