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My Quia activities and quizzes
Spanish Ch 1 Section 1: likes and dislikes
Spanish Ch 1 Section 2: what you are like (adjectives)
Spanish Ch 2 Section 2
Spanish Ch 3 Section 2 (94-95)
Spanish Ch 4 Section 1 (foods)
Spanish Ch 4 Section 2 (more foods and drinks)
Spanish Ch 5 Section 1 family and numbers
Spanish Ch 5 Section 2: descriptions - eye and hair color
Spanish Ch 6 Section 1 Clothes and colors
Spanish ch 6 Section 2 types of stores
Spanish Ch 7 Section 2 -weather
Spanish Ch 8 Section 1: Rooms and chores
Spanish Ch 8 Section 2 furniture
Spanish Ch 9 Section 1: body parts
Spanish Ch 10 - Section 1: places and hundreds
Spanish Ch 10 Section 2: locations
Spanish Ch 11 Section 2
French 1 Unité 1 A
French I Unité 1 B
Summer Reading: French/English vocab
Summer Reading Synonyms
Summer Reading: Antonyms
French II: Unité 2 Leçon A
French II: Unité 2: Leçon B
French II: Unité 2 Leçon C
French II: Unité 3: Leçon A
French2present tense verbs
French II Unit 2; passé composé irregular verbs
French III Unit II Vocab A
French III Unit 2 Practice
French II Unit 3 dormir, lire
French III Unit 3B Vocab
Spanish I Unidad 2-3 verbs
subjunctive vs. indicative
French II Unit 6 verbs
o to ue and e to i verbs
fr2unit5French to English vocab
parler through revenir
fr3present lire to falloir
Preliminar Matching In the text page 15
Preliminar pg 14 in the classroom and helpful phrases
ar verb practice
French II passé composé with avoir and être
French II reflexive verbs Unit 4
Spanish 1 stem changing verbs
Sp En Español 217 B
faire practice
irregular preterite
usted commands
asd2 stem change repaso
Bravo ch 3 adj before and after with feminine
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