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CS&C Julex Learning  
Technology Infusion in the Bilingual Classroom
Bilingual Resource Demonstration Center

I. Education Software
   A. Tutorial Software
      - Spanish Language Arts Software
   B. Electronic Story Book
      - El SeƱor de los Siete Colores
   C. Productivity Software
      - Kid Pix Studio Deluxe
      - Presentation: PowerPoint
      - Wordprocessing: MsWord
      - Spreadsheet: MsExcel
   D. Internet - Research and Educational Activites
   E. Language Development Software
       - Failure Free - Comprehensive Reading Program
   F. Phonics Instruction and Assessment
      - Lexia Phonics Based Reading, Quick Reading Test

II. Student Authoring
      - Hands-on PowerPoint Activity:
        Creating BookJackets
        Integrating Reading, Language Arts and Writing
        (Los Cuentos - see below)

III. Review QUIA Languages Activities Internet site
     (see below)

IV.  Teacher Authoring Activities Online
      - Create Bilingual Vocabulary Activity.

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