bilinski Mrs. Bilinski and Mrs. Schupp
Suburban Park Elementary Room 24-Fourth Grade
Can you believe we are almost half-way through the third quarter?  Where does the time go?  Speaking of time, we will be studying various measurement units such as time, weight, length, volume and metrics in the next few weeks.  Be very observant around your house.  Look at the labels on the food packages at your house to get an idea of what might weigh an ounce, a pound, or what might be 12 inches long, 1/2 a foot wide, etc.  And I found a great web site to help you practice!  Find the website at the bottom of the page called "Measurement Mastery."  It has good information and fun activities to try and a quiz to challenge you!

You are all doing a FANTASTIC job reading to meet your February reading goal.  Several of you have already met and passed your SECOND goal for the month-Way to Go!  Keep up the good work!

P.S.  There's also a motion and energy web site that will really "rock your world! : - )  Check it out!
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