Henrico High School Biology II Teacher
March 19, 2003

To learn about genetic disorders detected by karyotyping

To be able demonstrate knowledge of Molecular Genetics

Class Work:
1. Group presentations of Disorders
2. Karyotypes of Disorders
3. Test Reveiw Game

1. Test Review Sheets
2. Study for Test (Fri., 3/21)
3. Study for Voc quiz 7 (Tues., 3/25)
4. Work on project (4/11)

March 21, 2003

Objective: To be able to demonstrate knowledge of molecular genetics

Class Work:
1. Presentation of Genetic Disorders and Karyotypes
2. Test Review Sheet
3. Test Review Game

1. Study for Voc Quiz on Tues (3/25)
2. Study for Test on 3/28
3. work on project

April 1, 2003
Obj: To understand the different techniques used to study DNA

Class Work:
1. Define: denature, chain reaction, amplification, annealing

2. Read about PCR on web site and answer survey questions:
found below

3. Esplanation of Isolation, PCR and RFLP's

4. What are these techniques used to detect

April 3, 2003
obj: To understand the different techniques used to study DNA

Class Work:
1. Techniques Pop Quiz
2. Finish Electrophoresis
3. Electrophoresis Activity
4. Pg 385 questions 1-4
5. Define: Plasmid, Recombinant DNA, trangenic, Gene Splicing
6. Explanation of Genetic Engineering

April 7, 2003
Objective: To understand the differnet techniques used to study DNA

Class Work:
1. Explanation of Genetic Engineering
2. Watch GATTACA and Answer Questions

April 9 and 11
Gattaca and project Presentations
April  22, 2003
Obj: To be able to demonstrate knowledge learned about Molecular Genetics Research Tehniques

Class Work:
1. Finish Presentations
2. Finish Recombinant DNA Turorial Below
3. Test Review
    a. Chapter 16 worksheets
    b. pg 392-393, questions 1-6, 8, 11, 13, 15
    c. Test Review Sheet in Virtual Share

1. Finish Test Review (Test on Fri 5/2)
2. Be ready to do DNA isolation from fruit

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