biography77 Charles "Andy" Robinson III
  Charles "Andy" Robinson III

I work at Bright Vision Therapeutic Riding, a therapy agency in Westminster. Their therapy sessions use horses. I am a Level II Therapeutic Assistant. My responsibilities include general horse related responsibilities, aiding in client therapy, and of course cleaning stalls.

   I am a student at South Carroll High School entering the 10th grade. I have almost made the honor roll in the 9th grade, but I just missed making it. I am a good student with good grades. I have been complimented by some of the teachers for doing excellent work. I am a really nice person at school, and I plan to continue to do well at school.

   I am very skilled in computers. I am able to build, repair, and reprogram computers for optimal performance. I am also very good at doing homework, which is all done on the computer. I am excellent in writing web pages using HTML script.  I love working with horses and rabbits. I have a very cute little rabbit at home. He is a very neat Himalayan rabbit with unique markings. Our rabbit loves Raw Spanish Peanuts as a snack, and is very loveable.  I also like to repair mechanical items. Some of my most recent projects are fixing my lawnmower, working on my weed whacker, and repairing a vacuum cleaner.

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