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Well Year 12 - this is it.  The exam is on Monday.  I have put another two quizzes on the site.  Do not forget to practice at past papers and longer answer questions.

Some last requests from me:

1.  Pace yourself - spread your work out over the time.  Do not rush.  Remember:

Part A - 25 minutes
Part B - 50 minutes (5 mintutes a question)
Part C - 50 minutes (8 minutes a question)
Section II - Elective - 40 minutes

This leaves you 15 minutes at the end for checking and adding points.

2.  Answer the ones you know best - first.  You'll be surprised how this helps you remember other answers.

3.  Never leave a question out.  You will get no marks for blank paper. Write something - even if only key points you remember vaguely connnected to the area.

4.  Just do your best.  Don't be tempted to walk out early.  Go back over questions - see if you can add extra points etc.

5.  Read the question slowly - TWICE.  Underline what it is asking you to do.

May the exam be to your liking and your mind clear and quick .

Best wishes

Meg Milton

PS:  Don't forget about the HSC Advice line.  This has expert teachers in all your subjects who are there to help explain things to you.  Its a really useful service and you have the chance to here how someone else explains something you are struggling with.  You should have received a letter about it.  It is available 4-10pm weekdays, 10am-6pm on Saturdays and 10am -10pm Sundays.

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