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Size Fragment Restriction Analysis Lab Complete the log graph and answer the questions outlined in the lab. Complete the Restriction Enzyme Lab flow chart for Tuesday, 5/16 Continue working on your Genetics projects by compiling information from books and the internet on your topic. Chapter 12 Assignment     I would like you to create either        a. a children's storybook for children between ages 10 and 13               or        b. a cartoon book for children between ages 10 and 13       about how DNA replicates itself. Directions: 1. You may work as a group of 2 or 4.  Single authors are discouraged (this is a lot of work). 2. You may choose partner(s) other than your current group if you please. 3. You must include the following information in your cartoon series or storybook:       helicase       DNA polymerase       single-stranded binding proteins (SSBP's)       primase       DNA topoisomerases I and II       origin of replication       replication forks       leading strand       lagging strand       RNA primer       Okazaki fragments       5' to 3' direction       DNA ligase       telomere replication       semi-conservative replication Also, include information on these scientists (favorable please)       Watson and Crick       Meselsohn and Stahl 4. Your final project should be        colorful        factual        fun to read as well as learn from Project is due on Monday, 4/11/00 and is worth 100 pts. Use your textbook, as well as the Internet Sites I have below in the Links section. Also use the MIT Biology Hypertextbook link, and log into LOGAL Express from your computer's desktop. *****Please, no surfing in class - the sites I have selected are perfect to your needs.     Have fun!
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