Biology 3rd Quarter
Yukon-Koyukuk School District Biology Instructor
You only need to complete 2 investigations this quarter, you can skip the other 1.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Quiz 08-01 How the Body Digests Food
Quiz 08-02 How Materials Move to and from Cells
Investigation 08-i "How Does Exercise Change Heart Rate?"
Quiz 08-03 How We Breathe
Quiz 08-04 How the Body Gets Rid of Wastes
Quiz 08-05 How the Nervous System Controls the Body
Quiz 08-06 The Sense Organs
Quiz 08-07-How the Endocrine System Controls the Body
Quiz 08-08 How the Body Moves
TEST 08-T Human Body Systems
Quiz 09-01 Where Life Comes From
Quiz 09-02 How Organisms Reproduce
Quiz 09-03 How Animals Grow and Develop
Investigation 09-i "Graphing Gestation Times"
Quiz 09-04 How Humans Grow and Develop
TEST 09-T Reproduction, Growth, and Development
Quiz 10-01 How the Body Fights Disease
Quiz 10-02 Good Nutrition
Investigation 10-i "Reading Food Labels"
Quiz 10-03 Healthy Habits
TEST 10-T Staying Healthy
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