Biology 4th Quarter
Yukon-Koyukuk School District Biology Instructor
You only need to complete 3 investigations this quarter, you can skip the other 1.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Quiz 11-01 Heredity
Quiz 11-02 Chromosomes
Quiz 11-03 How Heredity Is Studied in Humans
Investigation 11-i "Tracing a Genetic Disease"
Quiz 11-04 Applied Genetics
TEST 11-T Genetics
Quiz 12-01 Living Things and Nonliving Things
Investigation 12-i "Testing the pH of Rain"
Quiz 12-02 Food Chains and Food Webs
Quiz 12-03 How Energy Flows Through Ecosystems
Quiz 12-04 How Materials Cycle Through Ecosystems
TEST 12-T Ecology
Quiz 13-01 Innate Behavior
Quiz 13-02 Learned Behavior
Investigation 13-i "Observing Learning Patterns"
Quiz 13-03 How Animals Communicate
TEST 13-T The Behavior of Organisms
Quiz 14-01 Changes over Time
Quiz 14-02 What Fossils Show
Investigation 14-i "Making Molds"
Quiz 14-03 The Theory of Evolution
Quiz 14-04 What Humanlike Fossils Show
TEST 14-T Evolution
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