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A demonstration for ABC:Amazing Biomes and Cultures

This is a web page created at  You can register for free, receive a username and password, and create your own quizes.  That's pretty cool, but they have added a new feature that allows the "non-techie" to get "techie" really fast!  The newest feature of is the ability to create a web page, like the one you are reading right now! EASY and fun!

When you create a quiz, your quiz may be selected to appear on's homepage.  If it is not selected, your quiz is still valuable.  Login ... and students can take your quiz online!

When you create a web page, you can use your "hotlist of good URLs" to support your favorite print resources. Students may use your quiz or web page in your classroom or in the computer lab. This would also be a great PR tool to use when communicating with parents!

You don't have to know how to write a web page to do this activity! :-)  Knowing the short cuts for "copy and paste" really help!  

Copy = control key + c key (copies the selection to the clipboard)

Paste = control key + v key (pastes selected text _anywhere_ you wish to use it!)

"Try it! You might like it!"  Visit and become an instant web author!

Mary and Julie
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