Caledonia-Mumford High School The Living Environment/Advanced Biology Instructor
                                        Welcome to the Biozone

     You have entered the world of biology and all is alive and well.  I am Mrs. Backus (known as "Ms. B" to my students) and am the instructor for two courses: The Living Environment and Advanced Biology.  The Living Environment is generally taught to 10th graders and Advanced Biology to Juniors or Seniors.  For more information, read on.

The Living Environment
     The Living Environment is intended to give you a fundamental knowledge of the science of life and will encompass the New York State Living Environment curriculum and used to be commonly known as "biology".
     I expect each of you will do the work required and that everyone in the class will pass.  However, whether or not that expectation holds true depends on YOU!

     -Scientific Inquiry and Skills
     -Laboratory Skills
     -Similarities and Differences Among Living Organisms
     -Homeostasis in Organisms
     -Genetic Continuity
     -Reproduction and Development
     -Human Impact on Ecosystems

Advanced Biology
     Advanced Biology is a course offered through Genesee Community College (GCC) and will earn you three college-credits.  This particular course cannot be taken unless you have passed high school chemistry at the Regents level.
     This is a survey course presenting basic concepts of human anatomy and physiology.  The material will be centered around the structure of cells, tissues, organs and their normal physiological interactions.  Lab experiences will be provided to reinforce important lecture concepts.  Since this is a college-level biology course and you have elected to take it, I expect everyone to be motivated to learn.


     -Laboratory Skills and the Scientific Method
     -Chemical Foundation of Life
     -Human Process and Transporting
     -Human Integration and Coordination
     -Human Reproduction

     For both courses, I am always available to help you.  All you need to do is ask.  As long as you are putting forth effort and trying, I am here for you. 
     The Living Environment and Advanced Biology are really great subjects and I think you will enjoy them but you do have to do your work in order to succeed.  I have high expectations for you and expect maturity in my classroom.  I expect nothing less than your best!  I DO NOT like laziness!
     You also need to know that I like smiley faces. :)

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