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These activities are designed to help you with your Business Education subject: Business Management, Administration, Accounting and Finance or Economics.

Use them to help you revise for a test - or just to aid your studies.

Your class teacher will give you specific instructions when required.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Unit 2: Storage Solutions
Unit 1: Definitions and Jargon
Unit 1: Departments of a Firm
Unit 2: Office Furniture and Storage
Unit 1: Organisation of Firms
Unit 2: The Working Environment
BM Unit Unit 4: Marketing
BM Unit Unit 4: Resources and Marketing Terms
BM Unit Unit 5: Economies of Scale
BM Unit 1: Definitions and Jargon
Unit 2A: Office Layout
Unit 1: What do Departments do?
BM Unit 5: Takeovers and Mergers
BM Unit 1: Sectors of Industry
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