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We are in the home stretch! We have one last meeting on May 11th! I haven't decided exactly what we will be doing at the this meeting, but I do know we will be voting on our favorite books, giving out awards and prizes and eating! Gee, that seems like enough!

    The novels we read this year were: The Seventh Tower: The Fall, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Over the Edge, Jip's Story, Stargirl, Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key, Marrying Malcolm Murgatroyd, and Stephen Fair.


We just got in some new titles: among them are "What Janie Found" (one of the Milk Carton sequels),"The Hobbit","Lord of the Rings",and "No More Dead Dogs" a very funny book set in junrio high.

  Many students are finding they can get a lot more out of a  novel when they hear it at the same time as they follow along in the book. It helps with pronounciation and comprehension. Parents you would be surprised at how much you would enjoy listening to some young adult novels.

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