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Beck Jr. High  
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*********WEEK OF May 21 - 24***********


English - Mrs. Mitchell  -- 
ALL -  cumulative review in class, cumulative test last day of school

Math - Mrs. Rode
ALL - Final Exam Tues. and Wed. 5/22,23

Science -  Mr. Reese - 
ALL - Space/Cumulative Test Wednesday 5/23

Social Studies - Mr. Birdwell
ALL -    Test (Australia) Wednesday 5/23

Reading - Mrs. Strand -   
Per. 4,6,8 - Real World Reading in class
ALL - Book presentations in class!

**Here is a reminder of a couple of school policies you may want to be aware of:
1.  All textbooks must be covered.
2.  Timetrackers are to be used every day for every class.
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