bjhsunshine Becky
Henderson household girl in the 7th grade and hyperactive(j/k)
Hey everyone! Wuz up? Well-okay- a little about me. Number one thing you need to know, if you ever catch me serious, call everyone you know, b/c it does not happen to often. I am in the seventh grade. On Team Z (it totally ROX!). I am 5 ft. 3 1/4 in. I have blonde hair (I take the jokes well, thank you very much.) and light green eyes and wear glasses(BURN glasses). I LOVE shopping, talking on the phone, reading, and the INTERNET! TV is also the best. I love to argue (ask my parents,I also like outdoors. Well, enough about me.  
If you got any sugesstions, e-me from the thingy on the top of the page.
I am having a POLL for people on Team Z. And it will be posted next time. Here it is:
Mr. Alexander is the math teacher of Seventh grade Team Z. Tell me whether you think he should retire or should torture more kids. Remember, he cannot be our teacher again, so that may change your answer.

Drive you crazy, right? Me too. To those who are lucky enough of being an only child, well, let me just say I am totally envious of you. My brother: % year old who loves Pokemon and loves bothering me. Enough information? Tell me about your sibling dilemas, and if they are good enough(most likely) and you will let me, it will show up on here. Also, if you have any solutions on how to get rid of siblings (even jokes will do), let me now. They will also show up on here. Your name will only be put down if ya want it.

E-me this stuff! My other page totally failed 'cause not many people gave sugesstions and stories and etc. So, PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! E-ME! With your help, all of yours, I could get this page from totally dull to totally cool. K?

Anything else you wanna share...that is fine. I am all eyes. (Corny I know.)

Another question:
Just recently, a friend of mine, no names (most probably know), went to the principle's office due to her newsletter, The Daily Gossip. It did have something rude against Kelli (Kelly, Kellie? She spells it different ways all the time) and Kim. But don't you think they deserved it? They were the ones making out on their bus! Well, anyway, do you think the girl that wrote the Daily Gossip deserved this. I personally thought the newsletter was awesome.

Oh, ya, I got AOL Instant messanger. It is bjhsunshine. Tell me yours.

Well, gotta go. But there will be a lot more later...
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