blackmath Mrs. Black
Mayde Creek Jr. High 7th Grade Math
Week of Sept. 18 - 22
Early Dismissal on Wednesday, Sept. 20

Periods 2,6,8

Please review multiplying and dividing with decimals.  The tests were not very good!

Monday - Scientific Notation and Metric System using Versatiles
          Homework:  None

Tuesday - TAAS Review
          Homework: P41 #10-15 & P84 #1-12

Wednesday - Early Dismissal - Test Corrections
          Homework:  Test Corrections and have test signed

Thursday - Check Versatiles, TAAS Review and go over test
            Introduce Frequency Tables
            Homework:  Study for Re-test

Friday - Retest & Graphing
            Homework:  Survey 30 people


Periods 3 & 7

Monday - Coordinate Plane
          Homework:  wkbk p19 and draw picture for project

Tuesday - Coordinate Plane Project
         Homework: work on project

Wednesday - Early dismissal - work on project
         Homework: Work on project

Thursday - Integer Equations
          Homework:  workbook P18 & Project

Friday -
          Homework:  Have Project Instructions finished by Monday.  We go to computer lab.
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