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Ms.B's World Geography Review Page
This page was created to help you review geography material for tests and quizes. Learning countries and capitals just takes practice and games are a good way to help put the information into your long term memory. I will be updating the page for all the different units.

To play games there are two sections you can use. The first section is for capital/country review. These are games that have you match the correct information. To access the location games you must scroll down a little farther to the section intitled "useful links" and click on the game of choice.

I have also included other useful links several websights that can give you general knowledge regarding different nations of the world. These are great sights for research.
The best one is Go there and see what you can learn.
My Quia activities and quizzes
European Capitals
Middle East and North Africa Country/ Capital Review
East Asia
Northern Eurasia
South Asia
South East Asia
Sub Saharan Africa
Useful links
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