bledsoe Ms. Bledsoe
J. P. Powell Middle School 6th Grade Teacher
Your challenge today is to learn about African American Artist Henry Ossawa Tanner.

1.  Using the following Internet Sites and the Word Pad on your computer, find 4 of your favoriate pictures that Mr. Tanner painted. Copy the picture and paste the picture in the WordPad document.

2.   Now that you know what kind of pictures Mr. Tanner painted, find his biography, again using at least one of the sites listed below.

3.   If you have time take a trip to "Alphabet Superhighway" and see what the students in Illionis are doing with their Internet site.


“The Banjo Lesson”  1893  Henry Ossawa Tanner

Henry Ossawa Tanner: Works Viewable on the Internet - Henry Ossawa Tanner[African-American Realist Painter, 1859-1937] Links to the artist's works in art museum sites and
image archives worldwide.

Henry Tanner - Stamp on Black History Home Page Menu
My effort has been to not only put the Biblical incident in the original setting.. but at the same time give the human touch "which makes the whole world kin" and which ever remains the same. The most distinguished African-American artist of the...

Welcome to the - The Alphabet Superhighway is a resource for
teachers to find materials andideas for teaching almost any part of the elementary or secondary curriculum;it is a place for students to browse for ideas and materials.

Have fun, if you have any questions on how to transfer the pictures or biography to your wordpad document raise your hand and I will be with you in a moment.
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