Global Awareness I is the study of the earth and its people. The focus of semester one is geography - the world around us. To help better understand our world, we, like geographers. are guided by two basic questions: Where are things located? and Why are they there? To find the answers to these questions, we use themes to organize information.

These themes include:

Location - Where are we?
Place - What is it like there?
Human-Environment Interaction - How do humans and the environment affect each other?
Movement - How do people, products, and ideas get from place to place?
Region - How do people classify their place?

The best way to learn about a place is to gather first hand knowledge. Unfortunately, we cannot always visit all of the places we hear about in the news or through other sources. Therefore, we must reach out to people who have first hand knowledge of different places.

Over the course of this year, we will be touring the world without even leaving our classroom. The tour will begin in October when we first communicate with someone from another place. We will be sending a letter to an out of town relative or friend explaining our goal and asking two things. First, we would like them to send us a postcard from their place. On the back, they should explain some of the important or interesting things that take place where they live. Second, we would like them to send the letter to someone they know that lives someplace other than where they live. This will create a chain reaction of postcards arriving from many different places around the world.

Once we receive a postcard, we will be studying the area in which it came from in terms of the five themes of geography. By using a large map, we will be displaying all of the postcards and locating where they have arrived from.

If you have any questions regarding this project, please see Miss Bliss or Mrs. Blose.

The following is a sample letter:

415 Water Street
Titusville, PA 16354
October 1, 2000

Dear Reader,
I am a seventh grade student at Titusville Middle School in Titusville, PA. In our Global Awareness class we are studying geography, maps, and the five themes of geography. Our teacher, Miss Bliss, has us do many activities to teach us about geography and culture. She works with our Language Arts teacher, Mrs. Blose, to include writing and reading with geography.

We are currently doing a postcard project. We are sending this letter to get postcards from around the world. Each postcard should have a picture of a place or thing of importance from the place you live on the front and information about the area written on the back. In class we will read and discuss the information and place the postcard on our giant map. This will help us to learn firsthand about places in the world.

We would appreciate your participation in this project. Please send us a postcard of various attractions in your area. Tell us about your geographic location and important places of interest. Then please send this letter on to someone you know in another area outside of your town who would also participate. Your involvement will help our class to learn more about the world.


P.S. Please send your postcard to the following address:
(Student Name)
Titusville Middle School
C/O Miss Bliss
415 Water Street
Titusville, PA 16354
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