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Windsor High School

Important Dates
The third marking period begins 1/25/00

Course Description
This course is designed to provide students with a knowledge of contemporary international affairs.  Topics such as militarism, pollution, hunger and international economics will provide the foundation of the course which will also examine issues as they unfold in the news.  Students will also be exposed to the critical reading and the decision-making skills required to make sound political choices.

Textbook:  Eleanor Goldstein, Ed.  What Citizens Need to Know About World Affairs.  Social Issues Resources Series, Inc., 1990.

Course Policies
Attendance:  Refer to your student handbook for all rules regarding the school attendance policy.  This policy will be strictly enforced.

  If you are absent from school, you are responsible for getting all notes and assignments that you missed.

Preparation:  You are expected to have your textbook, writing utensils, notebook, and any other materials on a daily basis unless instructed otherwise.  I recommend that you have two (2) pens (blue or black ink) and a loose leaf binder to hold both your notes and handouts in an organized fashion; a standard notebook will not keep you organized in this class.

  You will not be permitted to go to your locker to get any of these items once the bell has rung.

Homework/Assignments:  All work is due on the assigned date.  With the exception of absences, no late work will be accepted.

  You may miss two (2) homework assignments without losing credit for the work (this does not apply to long term assignments, papers or projects).  In order for you to take advantage of this, you must submit to me one (1) day in advance, in writing, that you will not be able to complete a homework assignment.

Make-up Work:  If you are absent on the day an assignment is due, that assignment is due the day you return to class.  If you are absent on the day of a quiz or test, it is your responsibility to arrange to make up the quiz or test either during a study hall or after school.  You will have no more than (3) days to arrange for a make-up.

Participation:  This course requires that you become an active participant in all activities and discussions.  Many of the lessons have been designed to create an open forum for the exchange of opinions and ideas.  You will be expected to be on task at all times, and show respect for the ideas and opinions of your classmates.

Technology:  On several occasions, you will be given assignments that will require the use of technology (word processing, Internet research, audio and video equipment, etc.).  Although I will provide some opportunity to use the appropriate technology during the class period, there will be times when you will have to make other arrangements.  The library is available for use during your study hall and after school.

  Tests           25%
  Quizzes         20%
  Homework        20%
  Papers/Projects 25%
  Participation   10%
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