blythesydney Mademoiselle Blythe
The Sobol School of French! French teacher to younger sister, Sydney Sobol
Bonjour Sydney!
Okay, here are some more activities on the stuff we've been learning these past few days, just so you can keep them in your memory! Have fun! =)

Luv Blythe
My Quia activities and quizzes
Un Coca, s'il vous plait!
Des Boissons Chaudes et Froides
Allons au Cafe! Quiz 1
Les Numeros (Numbers!)
Salut...Au revoir!
Regular -er Verbs
Frequently Used French Adverbs
Des Couleurs
Des vetements
La Famille
Les jours de la semaine, les saisons, et les mois de l'annee,
Les animaux
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